Digital Heritage Camp

3D Surveying Training in 

Sermoneta Castle and Garden of Ninfa

August 26th - September 7th, 2024

If you are interested in learning about three-dimensional survey technologies for cultural heritage research and gaining detailed insights into the best strategies and techniques for  planning, conducting and completing a large-scale 3D survey campaign, then don't miss out on the DIGITAL HERITAGE CAMP 2024!

The intensive training program, promoted by, the Italian node of the European Research Infrastructure for Cultural Heritage Science, has been developed through collaboration between CNR DSU, CNR ISPC, CNR ISTI and the Roffredo Caetani Foundation, along with the scientific partnership of esteemed universities and research centers. This program is scheduled to take place in the beautiful architectural and naturalistic setting of Garden of Ninfa and Sermoneta Castle in Italy. 

During the camp, participants can expect a dynamic training experience, comprising lectures, seminars, and hands-on field activities, facilitated by expert tutors, fostering face-to-face dialogue and active engagement.

Garden of Ninfa @Caetani Foundation

Garden of Ninfa @Caetani Foundation

Garden of Ninfa @Caetani Foundation

Courtyard of Caetani Castle @A.Pagano, 2023

Caetani Castle overview @Caetani Foundation

Caetani Castle drawbridge @A.Pagano, 2023